GCR Transforming Business, the Digital Way: Amod Phadke, GCR


Enterprises can deliver custom applications to desired consumers in a very short span of time

GCR is a leading global, SaaS connected IoT solutions and networking online infrastructure B2B marketplace.

Amod Phadke, Director – Sales and Marketing, GCR, tells us more about the company and how it aims at bridging the gaps between solution providers and global channel partners. Excerpts from an interview:

BW CIO: How is GCR transforming business – the digital way?

Amod Phadke: Global Channel Resources (GCR) supports and aims at bridging the gaps between solution providers and global channel partners, thus aiding digital business transformation. Our company collaborates with worldwide cloud-based or networking solution providers to enable channel partners providing IoT and networking infrastructure solutions and cloud services.

Through our channel partners, we offer a gamut of solutions, i.e., IoT combination of smart connected hardware and software, to serve end-customers.

Since then, change is the only thing constant, it implies on digital transformation too. Which has become domineering for all businesses be it small, medium or large. The implementation of these new technologies, enterprises are able to deliver custom applications to the desired consumers in a very short span of time. This lowers the operational costs which further enhances the experience of a customer. All of these constitute the core of digital transformation.

BW CIO: Tell us more about GCR’s recently launched Platform (CPSP). 

Amod Phadke: Our Partners Platform, also known as Channel Partner Service Portal CPSP, is a B2B e-marketplace of GCR for its registered partners. All registered partners on the marketplace can get access to the IoT and Networking Infrastructure solutions and the Networking products being marketed by GCR. The partners can also order the products online.

GCR exclusively offers these products to the end customers only through its registered partners. CPSP enables its users the option to order and pay on this very portal. CPSP is GCR’s first of its kind Partners Platform enabling SIs and ISVs for the ultimate end-customer satisfaction.

BW CIO: How is GCR better than its peers in terms of deployment of the solutions?

Amod Phadke: GCR offers Platform as a service is a combination of Online and offline services Partners Platform. GCR Partners Platform enables the partners and its customers to choose the right verified vendor and offer a complete SaaS-enabled cloud service for all the digital transformation (IoT) solutions.

GCR’s revolutionary Partners Platform offers a strong marketing and go to market support to the ISV’s, and also enables its System integration partners to offer the right solutions to the end customers and all the services are backed with Logistics, and Repair Material Authorisation services for all the products available on the platform.

BW CIO: Brief us about SaaS connected solutions. 

Amod Phadke: GCR’s B2B Partners Platform offers cloud-based smart SaaS-enabled & Connected IoT products from based Capex and Opex.

SaaS is a method of software delivery that allows data to be accessed from any device with an Internet connection and web browser. GCR is a leading global, SaaS connected IoT and Networking Infrastructure solutionB2B e-marketplace. We collaborate with worldwide cloud-based/networking partner solutions to enable channel partners providing IoT solutions and cloud services.

Our vision is to empower customers to transform their business using the best of digital business tools in a seamless way. GCR offers the best value for money, SaaS connected IoT solutions to business customers. GCR has created the most responsive B2B platform to connect the ISVs with the ITeS MSPs globally who in turn offers these solutions to their customers.

BW CIO: How do you intend to position GCR aided products and IoT solutions across the chartered and unchartered geographies?  

Amod Phadke: IoT plays a very crucial role in the digital transformation and GCR with its India headquarters in Mumbai is the home market for the global operations. We intend to add majority if IoT ISVs from India on the platform and take their services in the global market where GCR has its presence. GCR is present in about 12 countries globally.

GCR platform is also backed with a strong marketing and communication team which enables the online marketing and lead generation in various geographies. The objective is to reach online to the large mass of audience. We also have a strong partner connect across India and across the global operations and we intend to do a lot of Webinars and online training programs to train the large, medium and small System Integrator partners to offer the solutions to their end customers.

GCR’s objective is to offer a multi-vendor platform to ease the integration and in turn increase the productivity to achieve arice and satisfied end customer experience.