Indian IoT industry: What experts foresee in 2019


Mr. Tony Tsao, Founder and CEO, GCR



Focusing on the customer experience is our top priority, personalization, therefore, plays a key role as top organizations strive to make experiences as compelling as possible with the integration of Artificial Intelligence and Cloud-based technology. IoT thus plays a very crucial role in Business Transformation and will continue to be a part in the upcoming years as well.

The transformation everyone is looking forward to in 2019 is to increase digital marketing activities and budgets, to invest in well-designed user journeys that facilitate clear communication, valuing creativity and design to differentiate their brands as well as combining digital skills with technology to improve customer experience.


For 2019, what we at GCR foresee is, optimizing the customer experience would become a primary requirement for every IT company. Offering compelling technologies/solutions for digital experiences will prove to have a better impact on customers, while data-driven marketing that focuses on the individuals would rule the market. To increase visibility, efficiency and yield a greater number of IoT brands would engage in video marketing as well as multi-channel marketing. Social media marketing would play a major role to shape an organization’s fortune as it would help in communicating and understanding mobile customers.


Internet of Things and connected devices including wearables, audience tracking devices would bring in audiences’ engagement through virtual or augmented reality. Utilizing artificial intelligence or bots would drive better campaigns and experiences. Digital Transformation and Change Management would, therefore, will be the driving force in 2019 and thus the business heads and the CXO’s will be proactively working towards the same.