GCR offers IoT solutions to revolutionize education system


GCR provides an interactive display to increase student Interaction and learning experience, school ERP- a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of educational courses.


Global Channel Resources India (GCR), a global online B2B “Partners Platform”, well known for its SaaS connected IoT solutions and networking infrastructure, has taken a step forward to enhance the Educational industry. GCR now offers various IoT solutions for the Educational institution as well.

Gone are the days wherein schools used to follow the traditional methods of teaching. Since then, change is only constant and ‘Technological Advances’ are bringing about these changes. We can evidently see schools, colleges, and other educational institutions inculcating IoT solutions in the already existing teaching methodologies. This is where GCR comes into plays in providing a wide array of products and services to uplift the educational demeanor.

GCR, therefore, provides Interactive Display to increase student Interaction and learning experience, School ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of educational courses; Digital Signage which allows centrally controlled, content distribution platform enabling one to playback digital content on one or many displays/noticeboard/screens,  LMS(Learning Management System), a cloud-based e-learning platform that facilitates learning, delivery, measurement and management of any learning programs; Cloud-based AV Conference for seamless virtual classroom allowing participants to log in from any location using any device on internet.

GCR also offers Campus Tracking Solution which includes Asset Tracking, Library Management, People Tracking (students, teachers, and staffs), and School Bus Tracking in order to maintain and not compromise on the security of students. Every solution which GCR offers for the Education vertical is SaaS connected solutions.

“The Education vertical of India is the future of our country. When every other vertical is pacing towards digitization, this particular sector should also get a fair and square chance to up their game. Internet of Things (IoT), is slowly but surely revolutionizing the Education Industry globally. We at GCR strive to achieve solutions for every sector including Education; such that we are able to do our part for digitization of our country” quoted Amod Phadke, Director – Sales and Marketing, GCR.

With these, Some Education institutions use it to control data as well as save money, whereas some use it to make students and classroom sessions highly tech-literate.

“In exploring who would be best to implement the IoT based technology for the AV system, we reviewed several options. We decided upon GCR, an online Partners Platform, which offers various IoT based solutions for various sectors. GCR assisted us to evaluate various AV system options and then tailor-made it to the needs of our school’s extensive list of learning programs. GCR’s team ensured a successful configuration of AV solution at our school to support critical and high-tech school learning sessions”- Said P B Shyam – President, Trigyn.

“Interactive SmartBoards and Digital Highlighters are one of the booming IoT based devices in the field of education. This can boost, simplify and make the learning experience more interactive by viewing, responding and sharing learnings. Therefore, using these devices, our students sitting in their classrooms can interact with teachers and students worldwide” said Dhananjay Wakode, Managing Director, Benchmark Solutions.

IoT is influencing everything, and the learning and education domains come well equipped within the gamut of this disruptive technology. The proliferation of user-friendly connected devices paired with improved and budget-friendly technology platforms have increased the rapid growth of IoT-enabled applications and capabilities in the education industry.   GCR’s Partner Platform enables end-customers, System Integrators, and Solutions Providers to avail complete technical and commercial information; this said the platform further lends a supporting hand towards GCR’s venture to uplift the education vertical of India.

All the above-mentioned products and services are available on GCR; the Partners’ Platform aims to be budget-friendly and light on the pockets of the users. GCR has over 300 IoT products/solutions positioned through 200+ partners on their platform.

“In this innovative scenario, our Partners Platform has all the advanced IoT Solutions and solutions which complement IoT Solutions, providing reasonable and practical tech products for teachers, administrators, and students such that they can match and benefit from the changing technology”, added Amod Phadke.

GCR takes next step to offer its Digital Transformation solution through Large Alliance partners


Global Channel Resources, a Digital Transformation multi-vendor Partners Platform, has global operations in 12 countries, takes its next step to offer Digital Transformation solutions through Large Alliance partners. Its e-marketplace and cloud service Delivery platform offers smart SaaS connected IoT and Networking & Infrastructure products, which enable partners to offer these solutions to their end-customers. Majority of these IoT solutions are Saas based and are offered on an OPEX model, saving large capital investments.

“GCR’s cognitive multivendor e-marketplace enables to strengthen alliances with leading technology and integration partners. A strong alliance network creates a great business value, reduces operational risk and accelerates go-to-market processes for all stakeholders. GCR’s Services platform enables partners to further increase their revenue growth, expand markets, geographical operations, accelerate sales process, and enhance product and service offerings” – added Tony Tsao, Founder, GCR.

GCR has made its successful inroads in small and medium System Integrator segments. Post the successful penetration in SME / SME Enterprise segments GCR is now penetrating into the Large System Integrator Partner alliances, service platform alliances, and the complementing platform alliances in India.

As a first step, GCR has aligned with Trigyn (a group company of United Telecom) and Global One as its go to market partners and have struck a strategic alliance to offer solutions on its Multivendor Partner Platform. GCR with large System Integration Partners now offers multi-vendor digital tools to the end-customers on a Managed Services dashboard. This further makes the coordination, implementation, and management process simpler.

“GCR and alliance partners jointly deliver business solutions that address our clients’ business and technology needs. We address specific client needs as well as customize tools and methods to accelerate and ensure successful deployment of solutions” quoted Amod Phadke, Director – Sales & Marketing, GCR

“For us at GCR, it is absolutely vital to provide every customer of ours, a remarkable experience. Since our active participation in providing digital solutions to small and medium enterprises has been beneficial, we are excited to expand our collaboration with Larger Enterprises as well. We believe in evaluating customer’s preferences continually as it is the crux to success”, added Amod.

GCR offers IoT solutions, for Retail, Hospitality, Education, and Enterprises. These IoT solutions help to monetize the Idle IT Infrastructure resulting in increased consumer satisfaction and subsequently increased revenue and profits for the enterprises.

“The IoT solutions business has been identified as the fastest growing global business and is expected to reach around 300 billion US Dollars by the year 2020. The CXO’s and Business Heads in the large enterprises today are focusing on change management and the large alliance partners have strong penetrations which will enable GCR-Partner to offer these solutions faster and quicker through the Large and Medium alliance partners”- concluded Tony.

GCR Accelerates Business Transformation With Cloud-Based IoT Solutions


The role of the MSPs (IT Managed Service Providers) is paramount in implementing Cloud-Based IoT solutions. The challenge for the MSPs is that their focus is more on solution implementation rather than doing design and development to integrate the IoT solutions. Thus, they find it difficult to service the market demand. This is where GCR India comes into the forefront to play a pivotal role by offering cloud-based technology platform and an online marketplace to help MSPs to deploy SaaS connected, pre-integrated IoT solutions, worldwide.

GCR India’s online marketplace connects global IoT vendors (ISVs) with the end customers, through the skilled MSPs.  It collaborates with worldwide cloud-based/networking solution providers and enables channel partners providing IoT solutions and cloud services. GCR also offers a combination of smart connected IoT hardware and software solutions to serve end-customers via its MSP partners. GCR India’s unique platform fortifies its Solution Partners to provide a wide range of solutions, services, and applications to help accelerate business growth and keep pace with the development of the Internet of Things and Cloud Computing era.

The current channel maintains the flow from product vendors, distributors, system integrators and telecom services providers, before finally handing over to the customer. In the near future, the role of the distributor will be shortened to form a path from product vendors and system integrators straight to a Managed Service Provider/Telecom operator and then to the customer. Dubbed as Channel 3.0 model, managed service providers will play a notable role in the ecosystem by improving operations and cutting expenses by outsourcing day-to-day management responsibilities and functions. This can include outsourcing human resource activities, production support, and lifecycle management activities, which speed up the process flow and improve efficiency.

Commenting on the Channel 3.0 concept, Tony Tsao, Founder &CEO, GCR said, “It will enable progressive changes in IoT service business models. Solution providers deliver applications from single to integrated solutions, or even massively migrate to collaborative solutions. And the system platform has been transformed from Machine-to-Machine (M2M), focusing on serving individual machines with better quality, and aggregating systems to remove redundant information already transmitted by other machines.”

“New service models will emerge by adopting complex applications driven by open collaboration architectures” added Tsao.